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About Us

since 2007 delivering facility management professionally

Primyx was incorporated, with its headquarters in Trivandrum, Kerala, to assure quality facility management. It was a time when leading players across industries were growing tremendously, and the need for facility management was a prime requisite.

primyx studied the market across Kerala, especially Trivandrum and Kochi and found the prime requisite of industries. especially in hospitality and healthcare. The major requisite includes the need for quality linen for hotels and resorts.

Primyx is based in Trivandrum and has a regional office at Eranakulam, Malappuram, factory at Erode, Tamil Nadu is now at best service for quality facility management.

Looking for cleaning services in Trivandrum and Cochin? Primyx has now started an exclusive cleaning service for customising hotels, hospitals, theaters, and any other institution you name it!

Property management in Trivandrum and Cochin is now our prime focus, as our major clients are looking for us and motivating us because they are well aware of our professional approach.

Our Motto

In our business we must keep our supply’s in specific time with best quality to be provided to our customer on regular basis. We rely on dependable service from suppliers like you to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our Buyers with good quality and timely deliveries. We want you to know that we appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Why Us?

    • Exceptional service & product quality.
    • Timely delivery of our service.
    • Honesty & Transparency.
    • Appropriate financial apportionment & accountability.
    • Validate & incorporate new & emerging technologies.
    • Customer trust


With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our vision encompasses the following:

    • To be one of the most admired textile companies which follows and supports sustainable environmental friendly processes right from cotton cultivation to Product distribution;
    • practices high level of integrity and fairness in dealing with all the stake holders.
    • To remain focused on developing Speciality and Technical products with safety and concentrate on quality…


    • Our quest is to become the most admired group by all our stakeholders i.e., Customers, Employees, Share holders and Society at large.
    • We shall pursue world- class standards in our People, Products, Processes and Performance.
    • We seek quantum growth to lead in the International and domestic market’s.
    • We will be always conscious of the path we take to ensure highest ethical and moral compliance even as we remain totally focused on our goals.

Facility Management services

Primyx Production

Clothing Mill

Primyx cloth Mills is a division of Primyx production and is world class vertically integrated cloth mill housed in Erode, South India.